AUGUST 11 - 12, 2016


Chiropractic Lyceum Speakers 2016

Up to 9 Hours of CE Credits Available

Dr. Andy Roberts 1963 – 2016Andy Roberts 1963 – 2016

This year, the Delta Sigma Chi fraternity will be donating the profits for Lyceum to the current GoFundMe fundraising effort to support the family of our dear Brother Andy Roberts.

Always the great teacher, Andy embodied Chiropractic, and there are very few things that could make a lasting impact on a Chiropractor more than an Andy Roberts lecture. He's been our great teacher for many years, and now it will be our tough task to stand on his shoulders and pass his teachings forward.

Andy was set to kick off the Lyceum event this year. We wanted him to do "Introductory Philosophy", so he could set the tone for the weekend. Instead, we are going to start the event an hour earlier (11AM) with a tribute to Andy, featuring a video montage, audio clips from his lectures, words from his closest friends, as well a few other things that we think Andy would appreciate... All those in attendance will also receive a bracelet with “Mediocre or Master?”. This phrase was the mantra Andy espoused to his students over the last several years.

Lyceum was once BJ's program, and fittingly, it was Andy who brought it back from its demise. In congruence with the vision, we are working diligently to bring it back to prosperity. We will honour Andy in every way, shape and form this year at Lyceum... Come join us!

Please CLICK HERE to read a message from Andy's best friend and business partner, Dr. Shawn Dill.

"the music happens between the notes..."